The general assembly is the supreme governing body of the organization and through its eleven members’ executive committee, a report is provided to the annual general assembly. The implementation of the various activities is done through members and staff of the organization. Currently, there are more than 200 members, 10 fully paid staff and 1 volunteer. The membership of the organization is spread over in both urban and rural areas.

Our Governance structure majorly constitutes

1) The Members

Our membership and strategic priorities are shaped through member meetings. Each year, we hold an Annual Members Meeting (AMM) to take stock of the work done in the previous year. The AMM takes place in December every year. Through this meeting, we are able to plan, learn from our previous experiences, strategize and plan for next steps.

2) The Board

The IBFAN Uganda is the governance council of the organization. The Board is composed of fivemembers with the Executive Director serving as the Secretary. The Board is responsible for the supervision of the IBFAN Uganda management. The Board is composed of highly qualified and diverse skills and competencies. It’s structured as follows:

  • Dr. Saul Onyango – Chairperson
  • Mr. Ivan Mugabi – Member
  • Dr. Gelasius Mukasa – Member
  • Mr. John Musisi – Member
  • Ms. Gladys Njuba – Member
  • Ms. Barbara Nalubanga – Executive Director/Secretariat

3) Partners

We appreciate our individual supporters as well as our institutional contributing partners for embracing our mission and fueling our growth. We work in partnership with the following agencies to enhance our capacity to serve mothers and children and to ensure they have access to important services we don’t provide.

Our supporting partners include: