Our Membership


Our membership and strategic priorities are shaped through member meetings. Each year, we hold an Annual Members Meeting (AMM) to take stock of the work done in the previous year. The AMM takes place in December every year. Through this meeting, we are able to plan, learn from our previous experiences, strategize and plan for next steps.

Membership to Individuals

Membership is open to individuals, organizations and institutions involved in maternal and child health and nutrition as long as they subscribe to the principles of the organization

Membership Benefits

  • Contributing to the wellness of infants in Uganda
  • Belonging to a big body of professionals
  • Attending a fully funded AGM of the organization
  • Legibility to vote and be voted on the executive committee


Men’s Initiative

Increase and enhance involvement of fathers in parenting and supporting breastfeeding as well as increase the participation of men especially fathers in childcare, sharing domestic responsibilities, including raising men’s awareness on women’s and children’s rights, reproductive health issues and safe sex. Support efforts that ensure greater gender equality in all societies in order to bring about an enabling environment for breastfeeding, family health and well-being.

Youth Initiative

Involve youths in breastfeeding and development as well as sustain young advocates to promote and protect breastfeeding through the perspectives of human rights, reproductive health and gender equality.

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Providing Technical Support

Technical Support

IBFAN as an Organization also provides technical support to the districts and line ministries on nutrition and food security related issues, including capacity development and technical support supervision; Interventions on nutrition emergency preparedness and response; Nutrition and Health related operational research as well as Monitoring and Evaluation of the overall Nutrition, Food Security and Health related interventions.