Our Team

Our Team

IBFAN Uganda is managed by the Executive Director who sits at the secretariat in Kampala. The IBFAN Uganda secretariat is the head office of the organization. The overall management of day to day work of the secretariat is done by the Executive Director assisted by Team Leader.The following positions constitute the team.

  • Barbara Nalubanga
    Executive Director
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  • Ronald David Mukisa
    Team Leader
    Bachelor of Business Administration
    MSC. Marketing | Master of Research and Public policy
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  • John Musisi
    Program Manager
    Bachelor of Social Sciences
    DGD. Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management
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  • Jackie Immaculate Kirabo
    Administrator/ Assistant Program Officer/ Maternal New Born and Child Health
    Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
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  • Mr. Andrew Omuna
    Assistant Program Officer/Advocacy, Communications and IEC
    Bachelor of Mass Communication & Journalism
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  • Mr. Samuel Orot
    Assistant Program Officer/ Monitoring and evaluation
    Bachelor in Business Statistics
    PGD Monitoring and Evaluation.
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  • Ms. MollexNakuti
    Assistant Program Officer/Nutrition
    Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics
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  • Ms. Joan Nakamya
    Accountant/Assistant Program Officer
    Bachelor of Science in Accounting
    CPA Level 11
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  • Ms. Esther Namaganda
    Assistant Program Officer/IYCF
    Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics



Providing Capacity Development

Technical Support

IBFAN as an Organization also provides technical support to the districts and line ministries on nutrition and food security related issues, including capacity development and technical support supervision; Interventions on nutrition emergency preparedness and response; Nutrition and Health related operational research as well as Monitoring and Evaluation of the overall Nutrition, Food Security and Health related interventions.