What We Do

Our Vision

A land where every child is well nourished and attains full potential in terms of survival, health, growth and development.

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment in Uganda and beyond, where families, communities and health care providers actively participate in, and support women to optimally care for their infants and young children.

Our Goal

To contribute towards the improvement of the health and nutritional well-being of women and children.

Our Objectives

IBFAN works towards these objectives:

  • To reduce the proportion of women and children who have malnutrition
  • To increase the proportion of health facilities that are designated “baby-friendly
  • To reduce the proportion of infants and young children who get infected with HIV
  • To advocate for the development and implementation of legislations, policies and programmes related to maternal, infant, young child and adolescent health and nutrition
  • To conduct research on maternal, child health, food and nutrition security for decision making and development of policies and programmes


Our Principles

The Network is committed to the following 7 principles:

  • Infants everywhere to have the right to the highest attainable standard of health
  • Families, and in particular women and children, to have the right to adequate and nutritious food
  • Women have the right to breastfeed and to make informed decisions about infant and young child feeding
  • Women have the right to full support to breastfeed for two years or more and to exclusively breastfeed for the first six months
  • All people have the right to access quality health care services and information free of commercial influence
  • Health workers and consumers have the right to be protected from commercial influence which may distort their judgment and decisions
  • People have the right to advocate for change which protects, promotes and supports basic health, in international solidarity

IBFAN Uganda Values

Nutritional Assessment
IBFAN has values that guide the way it works and the nature of services it delivers to her clients.

  • Teamwork


  • Honesty.


  • Excellence


  • Commitment


  • Accountability